Ā Mātou Kaupapa Our Work & Priorities


Nationally supported and locally led, our rōpū ability to influence and impact on health outcomes is significant and has the potential to change medicine use and compliance throughout the Aotearoa New Zealand. The organisational infrastructure and consistent strong leadership growth, its expertise informed many stakeholders influencing Māori health policy / strategies, workforce development with research / sector findings and the increase of tauira Māori studying to be pharmacists.


Ngā Kaitiaki o te Puna Rongoā, its leadership team and its network have a strong voice for Māori in the Health Sector, more importantly across ngā iwi, hapū, hapori, whānau o Aotearoa New Zealand.  Our work, networks and advocacy will be imperative to significantly improve and positively change the landscape for Māori health and wellbeing—to achieve Whānau Ora!


MPA want to strengthen communities and achieve better outcomes for our key stakeholders – Māori and their whānau through:

  • Showing Māori health leadership
  • Trusting that our tikanga will lead us in the right direction as we look to the future of Māori health
  • The willingness to taking on the mantle to progress Māori health
  • Supporting whānau to be involved in their own health outcomes and the health outcomes of the wider whānau, hapū and iwi
  • Growing a Māori health body / profession than can work across the sector with an advocacy for Māori health and wellbeing
  • Share values, philosophies, resources and expertise
  • Being a stronger advocacy voice
  • Strengthening networks and relationships
  • Seeking out shared proposal and projects
  • Extending Māori workforce capacity
  • Sharing innovation and creativity
  • Being collaborative and strategic promotion of Māori health models
  • Identifying the best structures to work together that will best serve Māori and their hāpori
  • Developers of new innovative business opportunities.


Hence the outcomes we are looking for significant improved health outcomes for Māori, their whānau / hāpori, improved health literature and literacy, stronger collaboration, a Government, national and local advocacy voice for Māori health and to be an organisation that is proactive engagement engage rather than standing back to wait and see.  Mauri Oho!


Kia ngatahi te waihoe – Unity
He kanohi kitea he ringa i tuu – Talking face to face
Kia pono te kupu – Honesty
Whaaia te iti kahurangi – Professionalism
Maanaki tangata – Caring