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Published August 16 2016

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Congratulations to two of our members, Sam Martin and Teei Kaiaruna, who were finalists in the inaugural Te Hapai Hauora award at the Pharmacy Today awards held in Auckland on the 6th of August 2016. Sam and Teei’s work involved an integrated approach to healthcare provision and followed kaupapa Māori principles, with the ability to be adapted to other communities across New Zealand. 

Since 2008, Huntly West Pharmacy, which Sam Martin co-owns, has worked collaboratively with Waahi Medical Centre (owned and operated by Raukura Hauora o Tainui) to provide integrated healthcare to the local whānau of Huntly West. As a trusting relationship developed between the practice and the pharmacy and the benefits of working more closely together became apparent to both parties.

Tracey Kaponga, Pou Arahi – Community Services and Clinical Nurse Lead at Raukura Hauora o Tainui stated “The caring, friendly, “can-do” attitude that Sam and his staff at Huntly West Pharmacy possess is one that our whanau need and deserve”.  The collaboration evolved to where it is today, sharing similar values and goals, and committed to working together towards a common goal of achieving better health outcomes for their local population.

Due to the success of the Waahi Centre collaboration with Huntly West Pharmacy, another has recently been formed, this time between Raukura Hauora o Tainui and Pharmacy 547 where Teei works. Prior to formalising the integrated care model in this second location a literature search was conducted. Local, national and international data was examined for examples of similar integrated health care models in Māori or indigenous populations so that some of these learnings could be used to build the model of care. No literature or examples were available however.

Therefore building predominantly on the learning from the Huntly West situation this second collaboration will include building a small dispensary and consultation room inside the Medical Centre located in Enderley, ensuring a pharmacist is onsite at all times. Triage nurses will allocate all consults that fit within the pharmacists scope of practice, to the onsite pharmacist. The dispensary is to be a satellite cell of Pharmacy 547 offering almost all the same services e.g. dispensing of prescriptions, medication and lifestyle advice. Pharmacy-led services such as Community Pharmacy Anticoagulation Management Service, Emergency Contraceptive Pill, Influenza Vaccinations, Smoking cessation will also be available to Enderley Medical Centre patients and carried out inside the medical centre by an accredited pharmacist.

Sam and Teei are continue to support other members of the Māori Pharmacists’ Association, sharing their experiences in their pharmacy journey to date with younger members and showing all members what can be achieved when working closely with their local communities and health professionals. Awesome work!!