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With over 120 members, the MPA membership draws together Māori health, education and broader Māori development perspectives hence there is a considerable depth of skills and a wealth of experience and leadership.  Outlined below are a few of our members as well as some information on some of the work they are engaged in and around Aotearoa New Zealand.


Leanne Te Karu
Muaūpoko / Whanganui Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Kurawhatia, Ngāti Patutokotoko

Leanne Te Karu is a clinical pharmacist, a member of the first cohort of pharmacist prescribers in New Zealand. Her chosen area of expertise is the treatment of gout and she works as a member of a primary care clinic in Turangi. One of Leanne’s colleagues has said of Leanne “her ability as a clinical pharmacist and medicines use researcher are second to none. Her ability to speak and present to others on her knowledge of the use of medicines (particularly with Māori) is outstanding”.

Leanne trained at the School of Pharmacy in Heretaunga and since this time has practiced in a wide variety of fields continually focusing on Māori health.  Education has continued to play an important part of Leanne’s life with a number of post-graduate qualifications leading to her achieving pharmacist prescriber status in 2013.

In 2003, the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand convened a group of pharmacists to assist with developing a strategy for Māori Health.  Leanne was seen as a key contributor, leading to her initiative to create “Ngā Kaitiaki o Te Puna Rongoā o Aotearoa – The Māori Pharmacists Association”.  Leanne became the joint President of this organisation and before long this group of pharmacists became a truly autonomous entity with its own sense of purpose.

Leanne has demonstrated that through perseverance and determination it is possible to bring about tangible and meaningful changes such as the Māori Health Strategy for the Pharmacy Profession and the integration of specific elements of hauora Māori into the competence standards for pharmacists.

For the work that Leanne performed in establishing MPA, her work within Māori communities and her immense personal support to Māori pharmacy students, the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand bestowed upon her its award for Services to Māori in 2012. Leanne’s leadership and initiative in clinical areas saw her named the inaugural MIMS—Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Clinical Pharmacist of the Year award in 2013.

Leanne’s passion and commitment to pharmacy has also been recognised by the Minister of Health with her appointment to the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand where she continues to lead the pharmacy profession.

Leanne is a committed pharmacist and continues to work tirelessly for her own personal development, the advancement of Māori and the advancement of the pharmacy profession.

Leanne has made an outstanding and significant contribution to pharmacy in Aotearoa New Zealand and she was designated the Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand.

Leanne is also a current member of the Pharmacy Council of NZ.


Joanna Hikaka
Ngā Ruahine, Ngāti Tūwharetoa

Joanna Hikaka has had over ten years’ experience as a clinical pharmacist both in Waitemata DHB and the UK, working in services that specialise in general medicine, mental health and, most recently, older adult health. For the past four years she has worked as a clinical pharmacist within the Aged Residential Care (ARC) sector. As well as individual medicine reviews for residents, Joanna is involved in the audit and review of medication management processes and systems both within individual facilities and the ARC sector.


Anna Kyle
Ngāti Whakaari, Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Tahu

Anna Kyle is a clinical pharmacist based in Wellington at Compass Health.  She has been working with the Compass Health PHO for 11 years.

Her work involves the improvement of medication use in line with Best Practice via:
– Population based reviews of medications or conditions in more than 30 General Practices (both large and small)
-Medicine information queries from General Practice and other health providers
-Medication reviews for individual patients
-Assisting Care Plus or Long-term condition patients with medicine related issues
-Staff education.


He Kāhui Whētu – A Graduated Success

Eliza Sim
Ngāi Tahu

Elisa Sim is one of the recipients of the 2014 Hiwinui Heke Scholarship. Recently graduated from Otago University, Eliza is now undertaking her internship in a Gisborne community pharmacy.

Eliza is looking forward to gaining knowledge and contributing to improving Māori Health within the community.

Eliza is also continuing with  playing squash, and is hoping to reach national levels again this year.


Teei Kaiaruna
Ngāti Tai Tainui

Teei Kaiaruna is currently completing her internship in Hamilton at Pharmacy 547 with Ian McMichael and Alexis Mirkin.  This pharmacy utilises three different dispensaries – one for rest homes, one for Mental Health and one for everyday patients.  The  Waikato has a large mental health population and although Teei has spent the last 6 weeks in the mental health dispensary she has also had the opportunity to work with robotic dispensing, International Normalised Ration (INR) testing, methadone  dispensing, Medication Oversight, Intramuscular Injections (IMIs) and Clozapine  dispensing.  Aseptic dispensing and visits to the local Raukura Hauora are also on the agenda.


Angelica Jones
Ngāti Maru

Angelica Jones is currently doing her internship at Green Bay Pharmacy in Auckland. She feels so lucky to be learning from such experienced and diverse pharmacists!  Transitioning from being a full time student to working a 40 hour week took a little while to get used to but she is finding it rewarding to put the last 4 years study into practise.  She is grateful to MPA and PHARMAC for their support and for the late Kaumatua Hiwinui Heke, who started this journey for all Māori Pharmacists, so that we can continue his legacy as we carry out our work as future Māori Pharmacists.

HHH recepiants 2014 1

From the left — Stuart McLauchlan (PHARMAC Chair), Leanne Te Karu, Eliza Sim, Angelica Jones, Teei Kaiaruna, Ātene Andrews (PHARMAC Māori Responsiveness Manager), Steffan Crausaz (PHARMAC CEO) and Wiremu Matthews (MPA President and CEO). Absent — Laurelle Lock.