Kaitiakitanga Membership

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Our rōpū is the only collective national strategic voice for Māori pharmacists and has the mandate to speak on the behalf of our members. It still however allows individuals the right to represent their own personal views and regions. Our kaitiaki formed this organisation to represent a collective view of our members in a structured and unified manner. We act as a contact point for external groups with a vested interest in some, or all, of our aims and objectives.

MPA provides a perspective that understands the importance of tikanga, and accepts the importance of customary processes and practices to Māori, as well as how that integrates with Māori concepts of ethics, values and spirituality and how that, in turn, reflects on the way that some Māori live their lives. We don’t pretend to be the arbiters of Māori values and practices or the leading exponents of the process by which tikanga is observed. Our kaupapa, our mission, comes from just such a position of Māori values and concepts, but is universally applicable across all levels of pharmacy centred health care because they are based on best practice standards of care.

A groups of approximately 120 Māori professionals across Aotearoa New Zealand who are also pharmacy / health sector practitioners who share a strong culture, a beautiful language guide by Māori principles and values that is unique in the world.

Our rōpū has different levels of membership.

Professional Membership require you to be able to whakapapa Māori and then to be either a registered pharmacist, an intern pharmacist, or a student enrolled in a course leading to the qualification.

Associate Membership is for those individuals who either don’t have a Māori whakapapa and / or don’t qualify by virtue of their specific career training yet wish to support the aims and objectives of the kaupapa, members and the association.

Affiliate Membership is for those groups or organisations who wish to work with the Association towards achieving our stated aims and objectives. We see this as a mutual relationship.

Our members take pride in knowing that our rōpū has contributed to the profession’s body of knowledge, best-practices, work force development and helped improve health and wellbeing for Māori, their whānau and hapori. MPA acknowledges all our members contributions and professional investment. Should you want to become a part of this journey, we want to recognize you too.

Annual Membership Fees is by way of
Ordinary Members – By way of a koha
– Associate Members – $100
– Affiliate Members – By way of agreement between both organisations.

* Koha – Those who qualify for Ordinary Membership, and wish to apply, may choose the amount of the offering they wish to make by way of their annual fee, a guidance would be $50.  The purpose of the fee for Ordinary Members is simply to cover administration costs.