Mō Ngā Kaitiaki About Us


Operating since 2002 with a membership over 120, Ngā Kaitiaki o Te Puna Rongoā o Aotearoa ǀ The Māori Pharmacists’ Association (MPA)  is a national Māori health organisation with the specific aim and overarching vision “To lead Māori responsiveness in the pharmacy sector in the development and delivery of services aimed to increase medicines optimisation in Māori whānau. ”


MPA are uniquely placed to provide a Te Ao Māori context within the realm of Pharmacy, including medicines use and optimisation. MPA represents the clinical, ethical and cultural domain of pharmacy, medicines use and optimisation to which no other professional body can lay claim to.


Nationally supported and locally led, MPA influence and impact on health outcomes is significant as it has the potential to change medicine use and compliance throughout the Aotearoa New Zealand.


MPA’s vision is to lead Māori responsiveness in the Pharmacy Sector in the development and delivery of services aimed to increase medicines optimisation for Māori and ultimately improve Māori Health outcomes.  Whānau and their hapori want knowledge and information provided in an understandable, culturally appropriate manner from people they trust and can relate to.


MPA also plays a strong role in supporting coordination of health workforce priority areas.


MPA members can be a registered pharmacist, a pharmacy technician, an expert in their field of research or a student enrolled in a course leading to either qualification.  The organisational infrastructure and consistent strong leadership has grown its expertise to inform many stakeholders influencing Māori health policy / strategies, workforce development with research and sector findings.